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Concetto Spaziale

Jorge Pedro Núñez

On view 
September 2011-
November 2011

“Mi materia prima es la historia, la cual utilizo para construir una nueva historia...” “History is the raw material I use for my work in order to continue creating history” Jorge Pedro Núñez


KaBe Contemporary is pleased to present Concetto Spaziale, an exhibition showcasing the latest works by Venezuelan artist, Jorge Pedro Núñez. Throughout his career, Núñez has epitomized the idea of the “avant-garde” artist by successfully including tendencies of past artistic masters in each of his new selection of works.


In this opportunity, Núñez brings into play a series of sculptures that references works of iconic contemporary artists Lucio Fontana, Bruce Nauman, Walter De Maria, and Richard Serra in order to challenge the idea of space and dimension. By combining these diverse artistic expressions Núñez creates a dialogue between the four renowned artists  and their works. Alluding a balance, the works also raise the question of “weight” - either in its actual metric definition or cultural significance - thus creating a playful debate representing a conversation an art connoisseur might have established in the past. 


The show makes technique and material its protagonist. By completely “objectifying” and dissecting the aesthetic subjectivity in the pieces, Núñez creates a full circle dialogue that provokes the viewer to find the hidden artistic allegories in each work. 


Should a piece of tire hold down the weight of a metal circumference? Does Serra possess more cultural weight than Fontana? There is more than one perspective in every discussion, it is up to the viewer to define the context.


Jorge Pedro Núñez was born in 1976 in Caracas, Venezuela. He graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure d’arts de Paris in 2006. His work has been showcased at institutions such as CIFO, Miami, Contemporary Art Museum in Sao Paulo, and the Palais de Tokyo among others. Núñez currently lives and works in Paris, France.

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