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Magdalena Correa / Hiraki Sawa  . Curated by Emilio Navarro

On View
September 2010- November 2010

KaBe Contemporary presents JOURNEY, a thematic exhibition featuring works by Chilean photographer Magdalena Correa and Japanese video artist Hiraki Sawa


JOURNEY, an exhibition curated by Emilio Navarro, presents a group of works that refers to internal and external journeys, one trough video exploring the intimate and personal world and one through photography discovering the world that surround us.


Accustomed to living between cultures, Japanese born and UK based video artist Hiraki Sawa (b.1977) embraces the movement of people and the mutable notion of home as central themes in his work. Out of the Blue (2008), a projected diptych, is shot in natural settings—where a Ferris wheel exists in a desert oasis, or a tiny house with electric light nestles in the root of a tree. In a shadow-filled room an empty birdcage sways. On the adjoining screen, people incrementally accumulate and descend from a massive white sand dune. The viewer is jostled between two worlds. By meticulously combining images both fabricated and from real world elements, Out of the Blue engages the viewer’s imagination to question a sense of place and discernible reality.


The images captured by Chilean born and Spain based artist Magdalena Correa   (b.1968), during her journey to the Antarctica, have a common denominator that is present in all of them: the snow.   Giving continuity to her past projects, Correa explores another isolated territory, geographically far from us, where the extreme and harsh weather conditions determine the development of the region and the way its inhabitants interact with nature.

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