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La Rinconada

Magdalena Correa
On View February 19, 2015 - April 3, 2015

KaBe Contemporary is pleased to present “La Rinconada” by Chilean artist, Magdalena Correa.


As with her previous series "Niveo", Magdalena Correa’s new body of work reaffirms her natural condition as a meticulous researcher, or rather, as an adventurous 

explorer through images that are not the mere result of chance or prior circumstances. Magdalena does not go after the news, she precedes them.


"La Rinconada" encases  a compassionate and rigorous vision of the reality existing in a secluded corner of the planet, in Peru, at over 5,600 m of altitude (17,700 ft), with a 

population of 40,000 inhabitants, where only twenty percent are indigenous, and where, without exception, all are driven by the same dream: the gold mine.


Buried in a glacier, is off limits to humans, both geographically and legally, yet it

attracts people from several neighboring countries, mostly criminals, who find refuge in this lawless land.


Poverty and human misery are harshly contrasted with the grandeur of the landscape, and Magdalena’s eye accurately captures this irony, turning the remote into the familiar, and the terrible into something sublime.


The show consists of thirteen photographs, which are windows that Magdalena opens up for us, using her vision as a bridge to that other world, that, despite its simultaneous existence, we quietly forget or cover up with the bandage of our everyday life.


Some of Magdalena Correa’s latest shows include: 2012 “Niveo”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile;  2010 “Journey”, Ka Be Contemporary Gallery, Miami, USA; 2008 “Gobi-Atacama”, Museo de Bellas Artes de Santander, España; 2008 “Austral”, and Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile among others.

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