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New Geometry

Gabriel Acevedo Velarde
Robert Ferrer i Martorell
Edgar Orlaineta
Victor Lucena
On View:
September 11- November 21, 2014

KaBe Contemporary is pleased to present “New Geometry” a group show exhibition featuring 4 contemporary artists whose pieces are a dealing with different approaches of geometry.

These diverse perspectives of the “modern” phenomena of geometry, will challenge the spectator with cutting edge proposals.


Mexican artist Edgar Orlaineta (Mexico City 1972), plays with transforming daily objects into a brand new artifact along with a new meaning. Some times is breaking the object and others by adding components to it.


Robert Ferrer i Martorell’s (Valencia, Spain 1978) works, can be literally described as the explosion of modernism. Encapsulated scenes brings us a brief glimpse of the apparently random de-formation of the geometrical shapes

By using mostly videos, animation  and some times also objects designed by him, the peruvian artist Gabriel Acevedo Velarde (Lima, Peru 1976), portraits a social and ironical stand point about the “modern” society we live in.


The Venezuelan artist Victor Lucena (Caracas, 1948) uses different cots, folds with high and low relieves that alter the metal which is the base and the piece simultaneously, creating  poetic mathematic-geometric work of art that runs along with a personal metric.


In mostly every pice, the artists of “New Geometry” are like the sides of a geometric figure with some vertices in common around the same theme.

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