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Sigfredo Chacón

On View
May 2012- 
July 2012

KaBe Contemporary is pleased to present SigfredoChacónDrawings?, the latest body of work by Venezuelan conceptual painter, Sigfredo Chacón. In 2009, Chacón began a study into the vision deficiency condition commonly known as color blindness. His curiosity was aroused when Chacón learned that both of his sons, Rodrigo and Santiago suffer from the condition. Using different color palettes, and testing various materials the artist was able to compare the different ways the color blind perceive these chromatic scales and how, in turn, it compares to those who are not afflicted by this phenomenon.


The investigation resulted in a series of colored sheets. On each sheet, the artist describes, in writing, the name of the color as the common person would see it, then he compares it to the name the color blind individual gave the same shade. Hence, Chacón creates a comparative study on the different ways different people can perceive a basic element such as color.


The show will also comprise a series of drawings completed during his stay at the Chelsea School of Art in the 1970’s. During this period, the artist was introduced to typography and became fascinated with the use of stensils. Focusing on this newly acquired technique, Chacón produced drawings that were a recount of what unsettled him at the time. Ultimately, he created what he now calls a visual archive of the collages that represent his unnerving thoughts of the time.


Sigfredo Chacón began his artistic career in Venezuela in the 1980’s. Chacón was soon at the vanguard of the South American conceptual art movement. The artist is known for his use of basic pictorial elements like the line, plane, and outline. These features are what Chacón uses to combine aesthetics with the conceptual nature of his pieces.


Sigfredo Chacón (b.1950) currently lives and works in Caracas, Venezuela. His works has been showcased in Sala RG, Sala Mendoza and Museo Alejandro Otero among other venues. 

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