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Arocha-Schraenen @ "Limited Visibility" CAM Raleigh, NC

CAM Raleigh is pleased to present an exceptional exhibition of contemporary works from Latin America. Curated by Patricia Garcia-Velez Hanna and Natalia Zuluaga of Miami, Florida, Limited Visibility features a selection of works from the collection of Randy Shull and Hedy Fischer of Asheville, North Carolina and Merida, Mexico. In addition to the works in the Shull Fischer collection, the curators selected works by other leading artists from Latin America. Limited Visibility features sculpture, photography, mixed media, painting, video and installation.

Allora and Calzadilla, b: Philadelphia; b: Havana, Cuba (respectively); Both live: San Juan, Puerto Rico Carla Arocha and Stéphane Schraenen, b: Venezuela; b: Antwerp, Belgium, respectively; both live: Antwerp, Belgium Laura Belém, Belo Horizonte, Brazil Jorge Méndez Blake, Guadalajara, Mexico Leyla Cárdenas, Bogota, Colombia Abraham Cruzvillegas, Mexico City, Mexico Jose Dávila, Guadalajara, Mexico Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, b: Mexico City, Mexico; lives: Montreal, Canada Moris, Mexico City, Mexico Oscar Muñoz, Popayán, Colombia Daniela Ortiz, b: Cuzco, Peru; live: Barcelona, Spain Pablo Rasgado, Mexico City, Mexico Santiago Sierra, Madrid, Spain Melanie Smith, b: Poole, England; lives: Mexico City, Mexico Agustina Woodgate, b: Buenos Aires, Argentina; lives: Miami, Florida

Exhibition dates: October 3, 2014-January 4, 2015


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