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Meyer Vaisman's Threshold (2009) @ Philadelphia Museum of Art


Sculpture continues to be a vital form of expression, and the selection in this installation is representative of some of the most innovative practices today. Examine works that evoke the presence of the human figure, and see for the first time recent acquisitions by contemporary artists Meyer Vaisman, Rebecca Warren, Mark Manders, Katharina Fritsch, and Charles Long, among others.

This installation takes its title from Meyer Vaisman's sculpture Threshold, a metal security door that does not allow any passage, this work alludes to Marcel Duchamp's Etant donnés. Bringing together the poetic and the politic,it embodies the complex stylistic and thematic scope of this installation.

Drawn mostly from the Museum's, the sculptures in this gallery reflect individual artistic engagement with both art history and the power structuresat at play in our globalized work.


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