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Waiting 4 Oracle [1560-2012]

Luca Pozzi

On View
September 2012-October 2012

Kabe Contemporary is pleased to present “Waiting 4 Oracle [1560-2012]” by Italian artist Luca Pozzi.


For his first solo show in the United States, Luca Pozzi continues his study of time shifts, rejoining within his own research different grammars and disciplines.


The project is a nonlinear scheme composed by a multiplicity of refercences merged together by employing photgraphs, sculptures, paintings and new technologies.

“Waiting 4 Oracle [1560-2012]” is an exhibition that revisits history and time, starting with the Renaissance painting in 1560, to the logical-mathematical revolution of 1931, through the latest discoveries of the seventies: the 1973 Physics Nobel Prize and the Optical Art and Arte Povera,   until our present time.


Even if apparently fascinated by the Post-Modernist approach, Luca Pozzi is working on something closer to the imaginary film MIB (1997-2012) and to the informatic and theoretical physics research (clouds computing and quantum gravity), towards a new perspective called augmented art. 


The “Tunnel Effect Through Malevich Influence”; the “Supersymmetric Partner on Feast in the House of Simons”; the “Wall Strings”; the “Fabro, Soto and Godel’s Oracle” are all conceived as augmented art-works for their ability to add information and dimensionality in the visual system.


Luca Pozzi (b. 1983) lives and works between Milan and New York. He is a visual artist and cultural mediator. He conducts, within his own domain of reference, “The Messages of Gravity“ program, aimed to extend the possible emergence of interdisciplinary correspondences to a beautiful network of pure information. His research main focus is on physics and particulary on Quantum Gravity and T.O.E (Theory of Every things): String Theory, Loop Quantum Gravity and non commutative  Geometry.  He’s been awarded with the Dena Foundation Residency for Contemporary Art at the Centre International d’accueil et d’échanges de Récollets in Paris (2009). He’s also participated in residencies in Berlin, Germany , and Washington, USA. In 2010 he attended the Moscow Biennial and he participated in the 2012 Marrakech Biennial. Pozzi received in 2009 the Cairo Award and in  2012 the Ettore Fico Award.

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