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Arocha-Schraenen @ Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, BE

Artists Carla Arocha-Stephane Scheraenen will have a 10 year work survey "PERSIANA" presented in Cultuurcentrum Mechelen from October 25, 2014 until December 21, 2014. In addition to this important solo exhibition, Arocha-Schraenen will be showing their work in "THRESHOLD" opening November 15, 2014 until December 21, 2014. This group exhibition will feature works by Joseph Albers, Pavel Büchler, Alain Franco, Dennis Tyfus- Peter Fengler, Pieter Vermeersch and Carla Arocha-Stéphane Schraenen.

Screenshot 2014-11-23 13.35.30.png
Screenshot 2014-11-23 13.33.56.png
Screenshot 2014-11-23 13.33.27.png
Screenshot 2014-11-23 13.33.13.png

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